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A difficult three to five years ahead for the USA

There is an interesting dynamic happening that adds the karmic pressure being felt in the United States. When laying the current transit of the planets onto the natal chart of the USA all of the transits, except for Ketu, are between the Rahu and Ketu in the natal chart. Also, Saturn, the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus are between the current transit of Rahu and the natal Ketu of the USA. The United States is also in Sade Sati for the next five years. This is a period of seven years when Saturn transits the sign before the natal Moon, the sign that contains the natal Moon, and the house after the natal Moon.

All of this put together indicates that the results of the last thirty year of karma, but especially the last eighteen will be manifest and felt over the next three to five years. The most intense part will be the next three years and it should taper off in five years when Saturn leaves Pisces and the Sade Sati ends. However, these five years will be a period of increasing difficulties and transformation. When this period ends, we will have a very different country.

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