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Albert Einstein

Sometimes it is useful to look back at the charts of people we know to have had great achievements or talents in order to learn what might indicate such greatness in the chart of those who have not yet expressed it. Albert Einstein is a person in whose chart it is easy to see his genius. This is largely because of the massive Raja Yoga in his 10th house of Pisces. In this sign he has Mercury (Ruler of his 1st and 4th house), Saturn (Ruler of his 8th and 9th house) Venus (ruler of his 12th and 5th house) and the Sun the ruler of his 3rd house. A Raja Yoga is formed when the ruler of a trine (1st, 5th, and 9thhouses) is placed in an angle or a trine with the ruler of an angle (1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th houses). This the yoga of kings and gives greatness and mastery in the areas represented.

This yoga occurring in Pisces, a mystical and imaginative sign, and the 10th house, a house indicating career and large structures, gives him his almost mystical insight into the structure of the universe. Many other things in his chart support this path for him, such as Mars and Rahu placed the eight houses of Capricorn. Mars indicates engineering and insight into the mechanical aspect of movement in a system and Rahu indicates new technologies and science that can seem almost occult in nature. The eight house is the house of the deep and hidden secrets of nature.

However, this kind of strength in a chart can lead to imbalances in other areas of life. For, example his Moon is debilitated in Scorpio, which indicates he may be emotionally detached or unavailable because of his obsessive focus on the secrets of nature. Also, having that many planets in one sign, even when in good dignity and a strong yoga, lead one to have an obsessive quality. Nearly all aspects of such a person life are focused on the indications of the sign and house in which all these planets are placed.

His discovery of the theory of relativity happened during his Venus Dasha. Venus is one of the planets in his Raja Yoga and is also exalted, so the potential of his genius would be activated at this point. It would also be indicated to occur in his Mercury Dasha, except for the fact that he was so young during that Dasha. It would have been unlikely to occur during his Ketu Dasha, which was between his Mercury and Venus Dasha.

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