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Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s Natal Chart

The 11th house of Virgo is of primary importance in Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s natal chart, because of the relationship of its to ruler to the rulers of other important signs. Her 1st house is Scorpio, Venus is placed here and this sign is ruled by Mars, which is in her 11th house of Virgo. Saturn is her 2nd house of Sagittarius which is ruled by Jupiter. The Moon is in Pisces a sign also ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter is in her 8th house of Gemini. Gemini and her 11th house of Virgo are both ruled by Mercury and Mercury is in her 11th house of Virgo where it is exalted. Her Ketu is in Caner, ruled by the Moon, and the Moon is in Pisces. Jupiter rules Pisces and it is in Gemini, which is ruled by Mercury. Rahu is in Capricorn which is in a sign ruled by Saturn and Saturn is in a Jupiter ruled sign, which is in a sign ruled by Mercury. The Sun is in Virgo with Mars and an exalted Mercury.

The point here is that all of planets in her natal chart are directly or indirectly placed in signs being ruled by Mercury. This exalted Mercury, in a way, controls her entire chart. This is rare and powerful. The is another factor that makes this connection even stronger and that is that Mars aspects Saturn from Gemini and Saturn aspects Mars, Mercury, and the Sun from Sagittarius. Saturn also aspects Jupiter and as it is the 7th aspect, Jupiter also aspects Saturn from Gemini. The Moon aspects the Mars, the Sun, and Mercury from Pisces and as it is the 7th aspect those planets aspect the Moon. This gives the 2nd, 5th, 8th, and 11th houses another link on top of the rulership discussed, making these houses especially influential.

The 11th house, where Mercury is placed is, is the house of large groups of people like protests, bureaucracies, countries, and companies. It is also sign which indicates a person’s social connections, popularity, and can represent finical gains. Congress is a perfect embodiment of the 11th house and it is not surprising she came out of nowhere and was elected on her first run. In my next post I will look at the Dashas, a cycle of time that determines planetary influences, on the day she was elected to help explain how Jyotish (Indian astrology) works.

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