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America in sade Sati

The chart for the United States of America, based on the signing of the declaration of independence, has its Moon in Aquarius. As Saturn is now in Capricorn this means the country is going through Sade Sati. This happens when Saturn is in the sign before, in the same sign, or in the sign after the sign where the Moon is placed in the Natal chart. We have been experiencing this for over two years and it will continue for another five. Interestingly there was another are in eastern Europe the last time Saturn was in this position, the Bosnian war.

Saturn is a harsh planet of limitations and karma and the Moon is a benefic and sensitive planet of emotions. These planets are enemies. Saturn tends to shatter one’s illusions by forcing the Moon, the mind and emotions, to experience the harsh realities of life and your limitations. It will humbly you whether you like it or not and the more you fight it the worse it gets. This is what the nation is going through at the moment. This is a time when America has to face that it has a lot less power in the world then it thought. It is not fated to be powerless, but the truth must be faced before a better situation can be built.

Aquarius is the 4th fourth of the United States, which is the house of emotion, the mother, and the homeland. The Moon is also a signifier of emotions and the mind. This period will stress the nation as a whole and we may see more social break down. It will affect all citizens, but it could be good or bad depending on your natal chart. It will make us question our very identity and value in the world. The fourth house is about who you feel you are deep in your heart.

The next two months will be especially difficult as Mars, Venus, Mercury, and Saturn will enter Aquarius and Jupiter is already there. This is a mix of friends and enemies sharing a sign, but it is Saturn’s house and Saturn is in his own house, so he will prevent complete breakdown from occurring.

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