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America's Struggle

Though the ruler of the ascendent (Scorpio) of the natal chart of the United States of America is Mars, the chart is in many ways dominated by Mercury, Saturn, and the Moon. The Moon is in the 4thof Aquarius, Mercury is the ninth house of Cancer, and Saturn is in the 11th house of Virgo. Also, of great importance is that the Sun, Jupiter, Venus, and Mars are in the 8th house of Gemini. This means that the rulers of three of the four quadrants and two of the three trines are in Gemini. Mars aspects Saturn in Virgo from Gemini, and Saturn in turn aspects Gemini, including Mars, from Virgo.

So, the four planets in Gemini, including the lord of the ascendent, are in a sign ruled by Mercury. Mercury is in a sign ruled by the Moon. The Moon is in a sign ruled by Saturn. You could say that all these planets are in a sense ruled by Saturn, but if you notice that Saturn is in a house ruled by Mercury, you can see a circle of rulership and influence form. Mercury in Caner ruled by the Moon, to the Moon in Aquarius ruled by Saturn, to Saturn in Virgo ruled by Mercury and back to Mercury in Cancer ruler by the Moon where the cycle begins again. This is a rare aspect to the chart where the 4th, 9th, and 11th house are in a cycle of mutual support or influence, which in turn influence the four planets in the 8th house due to its rulership by Mercury and the aspects of Saturn and Mars.

This is all especially relevant now because the USA is in Sade Sati, which is a seven-year period where Saturn transits over the natal Moon. This will bring struggle, depravation, limitation, poverty and a loss of hope due to the effects on the 4th, 9th and 11th houses. Rahu and Ketu will move to the 6th house (Aries) and 12th house (Libra) of the natal chart in a few days. This will bring an increase in enemies, isolation, and hostility as well as great diplomatic and financial losses. The USA will need to focus on the lessons of Saturn in order to survive as a nation. It will have to give up on idealism, turn inward, and focus on hard work and practicality. We must be humble and realize we can’t solve the problems of the world. This is because of the Sade Sati and its influence on the 4th, 9th, and 11th house cycle.

Jupiter aspects Aquarius from the 8th house of Gemini indicating that the USA has the resources it needs below its feet, as the 8th house indicates things of value below the ground. This most likely indicates oil, but could include metal and mineral resources of all kinds. If the USA is able to work hard and use the resources it has, it will be prosperous and a less fractured country in five to eight years.

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