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An intense time for a debate

     The transit of Mercury, the Sun, and Venus through the sign of Gemini is an intense period for the USA. This is because in its natal chart the country has four planets in this sign: Jupiter, Venus, Mars, and the Sun. The sign is also aspected by its natal Saturn in Virgo.  Gemini is the eighth house of the USA, and this house indicates things hidden, secret, underground, and things that happen in secret or underground, such as espionage or mining.

     The current transit of Mars is also aspecting the natal Mercury and Rahu of the country. Mars and Mercury are enemies, and the Martian aspect here indicates hostility and confusing arguments. Mercury is the ruler of Gemini, and it is retrograde and in Cancer in the natal chart, along with Rahu. Cancer is ruled by the Moon and the current transit of the Moon, and the natal Moon of the country, are both in Aquarius. Saturn is also currently transiting Aquarius. The Moon being with Saturn is known as Sade Sati and indicates a negative influence on the Moon, which in this case transmits a negative Saturnian influence on the sign of Gemini through the natal Mercury in Cancer. The country’s natal Rahu will also be affected by this influence and the current transit of Rahu in Pisces is aspected by the countries natal Saturn in Virgo.  

     The fact that the transit of Rahu is between Mars and Saturn and the transit of Mars is aspecting the natal Rahu and Mercury indicates a lot of malefic energy being transmitted to Mercury. Three malefic planets, Saturn, Rahu, and Mars are combining their influence on the natal Mercury and through it the sign of Gemini. As all this will be the same during the presidential debate tomorrow night it indicates a hostile, unconventional debate in which some type of secret is revealed about the country or the participants in the debate. It would not be surprising if it is interrupted or cut short for some reason. Expect the unexpected.

      To understand how these transits affect you an individual analysis is required. The interaction between your natal chart and the transits of the planets is always very individual and personal. Contact me for a reading at .

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