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AOC's Dashas on Election Day

Dashas are a cycle of time in which planets rule for a specific period. The order of the cycle and the period of time a planet rules are always the same. However, the place in which a person enters into the cycle depends on the placement of the Moon at the time of birth. The planet ruling a Dasha is the most influential and dominates the effects felt during time it rules. This is very important in interpreting transits. When two transits seem powerful, but contradictory it is the planet who rules the Dasha that dominates a prediction. Dashas also have sub-Dashas, for example Ketu Dasha is seven years, but at a particular time it may have a sub-Dasha of Venus lasting a few months and below that a sub-Dasha of Mars lasting a week and so on down to the day. On June 26th 2018, when AOC won the Democratic primary her Dashas where Ketu, Venus, Ketu, Venus, Sun in order from largest to smallest time period. At this time Ketu was transiting her 3rd house of Capricorn, Venus was transiting her 9th house of Cancer and the Sun was in 8th house of Gemini. In her natal chart Rahu is in Capricorn, Ketu is in Cancer, and the Sun is in Virgo. At the time of this transit Mars was in Capricorn with Ketu, Venus and Mercury were in Cancer with Rahu, and the Sun was in Gemini. The third house, in this case Capricorn, often indicates the ego and sudden success that come for your own efforts and hard work. The 9th house indicates ideals, justice, leadership, hope, and the law. Ketu and Rahu are planets of karma and as discussed in my last post Mercury is exalted in and rules AOC’s natal chart. So, the Dominance of Ketu and Venus Dashas during this transit activated the karma of these signs, houses, and planets and made them manifest at this time. Her hard work suddenly pays off and she is propelled to a position of leadership, a position of writing and voting on laws. Her campaign was idealistic and promotesd hope and social justice. This new position allows the skill and power of her exalted Mercury and all it rules can express itself.

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