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As Mars moves into Gemini in mid-March

As Mars moves into Gemini around March 15th Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, will move into Pisces. In Pisces it will join the Sun and Jupiter. This will mean Jupiter will have a strong influence on Mars indirectly as Mercury is in a Jupiter ruled sign with Jupiter.

In the natal chart of the USA Mars, Venus, Jupiter, and the Sun are placed in the 8th house of Gemini. The transit of Mars through Gemini combined with this placement of Mercury indicates a very chaotic and transformative period for the country from the middle of March till the end of April. There is a strong link formed between Pisces and Gemini here as the transit of the ruler of Gemini is in Pisces and the natal Jupiter, the ruler of Pisces, of the USA is in Gemini. This is an exchange of signs between Jupiter and Mercury, which strongly links the effect of two sign and usually mitigates their negative influences.

Venus is in Mars’ sign Aries with Rahu, which means these planets will also be influenced by this dynamic formed between Gemini and Pisces as Mars is in Gemini. This means only Saturn will escape this intense dynamic. This could indicate increased explosions, shooting, and terrorism in the USA as indicated by the transits in the 6th (Aries) and 8th (Gemini) houses. The dynamic between Mercury, Mars, and Gemini could indicate a major cyber-attack or collapse of energy infrastructure. What ever happens it will be an intense period of time for the USA. The exchange happening between Mercury and Jupiter along with the fact that Jupiter is in its own sign should get us through it intact.

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