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Cease Fire Ends

The cease fire between Israel and Hamas ended on December 1st, just after Venus entered Israel’s 1sthouse of Libra. This is significant because Venus rules this sign and it had just left Virgo, where it was debilitated. When the terrorist attack occurred on October 7th, Mars was in Libra, but by December 1stMars had moved to Scorpio a sign it rules. The Sun joined Mars here by December 1st. On October 7st Venus was in the Sun ruled sign of Leo.

So, when the nation was first attacked, Mars, the indicator of war and violence had just entered Israel’s 1st house. The cease fire occurred when Venus entered its sign of debilitation, Virgo, and ended when Venus entered Libra. This indicates that Israel was in a weakened position during the cease fire and as Mars moved into Scorpio and Venus into Libra, they went on the attack again with renewed determination.

Scorpio is Israel’s 2nd house of values, speech, and also diet. The Sun is in Scorpio and the Sun rules Israel’s 11th house of gains. This indicates a shift in the nations sense of self and values, they have taken on warlike values of a nation under attack. The Sun ruler of the 11th in the 2nd indicates they indent to eat or take more territory in this war. There was some speculation that the ceasefire would lead to a larger peace, but the chart indicates that they will do as they have stated and continue the war until they are satisfied that they have eliminated Hamas.

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