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Charles III

Charles III has a difficult chart in many ways. He has a debilitated Venus in his 3rd house of Virgo, a debilitated Sun in his 4th house of Libra, and no exalted planets. Jupiter and Mars are his strongest planets as they are placed in their own signs, Jupiter in his 6th house of Sagittarius and Mars in his 5thhouse of Scorpio. Ketu and Mercury join his debilitated Sun in his 4th house of mother and this Mercury and his debilitated Venus in his third house of ego exchange signs. This indicates that his ego was in large part formed around a perceived absence of his mother, most likely to due to her obligations as Queen. This is reinforced by his 4th house being aspected by Saturn in his 2nd house of Leo, which indicates a strict and disciplined early childhood that contained little emotional warmth.

Many important events in his life center around his 10th house of Aries, in which his Moon and Rahu are placed. He married Diana in his Moon Dasha. Diana tragically died during his Rahu Dasha. He assumed the throne due to the death of his mother during his Jupiter Dasha when Rahu was transiting his 10th house of Aries. His natal Jupiter aspects Aries from Sagittarius. This is fitting as Jupiter is a planet of authority, but all of this points to a tragic pattern in his life. That major life events revolve around his authority and responsibility as royalty, indicated by the 10th house, and occur in a way that is both emotionally painful and involve the loss of or tension with important female figures in his life. All this is indicated by the conjunction of the Moon and Rahu in his tenth house.

The fact that the Moon is the ruler of his rising sign of Cancer and that Mars is in its own house of Scorpio indicate that he has hidden emotional depth, is quite sensitive, and these tragedies affect him deeply. This Mars also indicates a keen mind for research and knowledge of the esoteric aspects of history, leadership, royalty, and even medicine as indicated by his support of homeopathy and alternative medicine.

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