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Classified documents in Joe Biden's garage

Classified documents were found in Joe Biden’s garage when Mercury was retrograde in his second house of Sagittarius and Mars was retrograde in his 7th house of Taurus. From his second house Mercury aspects his 8th house of Gemini, which is a house of secrets. Mars aspects Mercury and his natal Rahu in his 10th house of Leo, a house of authority. Mars also rules Aries, his 6th house of enemies, in which his natal Moon is placed. Rahu has been transiting Aries for nearly a year and is now within 8 degrees of his natal Moon. Saturn has just entered Aquarius from where its aspects Aries, his natal moon, and the transit of Rahu, but also his 1st house where his natal Venus and Sun are placed.

Biden is in Saturn Dasha, which means the transit of Saturn will have a greater influence on him than other planets. Biden’s natal Moon is at 6 degrees Aries, as Saturn moves closer to 6 degrees Aquarius it will aspect his natal moon more directly. Saturn will be at 6 degrees Aquarius on March 15th and at this time Mars will have just entered his 8th house of Gemini. The 8th house is a house of secrets and death and Mars rules Biden’s 1st house indicating the self and 6th house indicating enemies. At this time Mercury the ruler of Gemini will also be transiting Aquarius.

It is likely that this scandal will come to its conclusion between March 15th and May 1st. It will intensify and and more secrets will come out after March 15th. There is a chance he is impeached, but Saturn is in its own sign and in Joe Bidens 4th house, an angle, which puts Saturn in very good dignity. As Biden is in Saturn Dasha, it is unlikely that he will be removed from office.

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