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Elon Musk, Saturn, and Twitter

Elon Musk completed his purchase of Twitter the day after Saturn went direct in Capricorn. In Elon’s natal chart he has an exalted Mars and Rahu in Capricorn, which is his 8th house. This placement indicates his extraordinary ability to breathe new life in to failing companies and his desire to take on seemingly impossible tasks such as colonizing Mars. This is in part because the 8th house is the house of death and rebirth, as well a transformation and insight into the hidden secrets of nature. Having Saturn retrograde in Capricorn delayed and complicated his purchase of Twitter, but when it went direct, he immediately gained the strength and stability of Saturn in its own sign and the purchase was completed the next day.

Currently a retrograde Mars is transiting his 12th house of Taurus and he has the Sun, Mercury, and Venus transiting his 6th house of Scorpio. In his natal chart he has a Retrograde Jupiter in Scorpio and Saturn and Venus in Taurus. This is creating a lot of conflating and intense energy in the houses representing enemies and loss. This can be seen in how controversial his takeover of the company has been. He has fired many people, taken the company in a new direction, and created many enemies in the process. This will dissipate as the Sun, Mercury, and Venus leave Sagittarius in about a month and he will gain firm control and gain victory over his enemies as Mars enter his first house of Gemini in the middle of March 2023.

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