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Full Moon in Aquarius

Tonight, is the Full Moon in Aquarius with a retrograde Saturn, and the current chart is dominated by the signs Aquarius and Leo. Placed in Leo are the Sun and a retrograde Mercury, Mars is in Mercury ruled Virgo and Jupiter and Rahu are in Aries ruled by Mars. This means that Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Rahu are directly or indirectly under the rulership of the Sun in its own sign of Leo.

The Moon is in Saturn ruled Aquarius, and Venus is in Cancer ruled by the Moon, while Ketu is in Venus ruled Libra. This means that the Moon, Venus, and Ketu are directly or indirectly under the rulership of Saturn in its own sign of Aquarius. Saturn is also aspecting Rahu and Jupiter from Aquarius and Jupiter is asecting the Sun and Mercury from Aries. All the planets in Aquarius and Leo are also mutual aspecting each other being 180 degrees apart. This creates a circle of influence or feedback loop between Aquarius, Aries, and Leo. As the Moon moves into Pisces on Friday it will take three planets out of the influence of this feedback loop and somewhat lessen the intensity, but the feedback between these three signs will continue until the Sun leaves Aries in three weeks.

However, the next three days are likely to bring a manifestation of karma that will feel overwhelming. This is especially true from those with a natal Moon in Aquarius. This event will probably involve a large institution and your authority and something you are passionate about. It could be a loss of career or simply being denied an expected promotion or a large fine that causes the loss of a prized object. As the Moon has a pronounced role in this transit, it could be the loss of a home or illness of your mother or finding it necessary to move, perhaps in pursuit of a new job.

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