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Full Moon in Cancer and Sun moves in to Capricorn

The Sun has just entered Capricorn where it joins Saturn and a retrograde Mercury. As Saturn owns this sign it will help stabilize the energies of these planets. Though not everything produced by these planets will feel good, Saturn will give you the patients, strength, and humility to get through it.

The Sun and Saturn are enemies and this combination can cause a loss of confidence, feeling overwhelmed by current responsibilities and past failures, and depression. The emotional aspect of this combination is especially pronounced this week as tomorrow night there will be a full Moon in Cancer, directly opposite these planets in Capricorn.

As Mercury is combust and retrograde there will be a tendency towards excessive rumination on past failures, which will diminish your confidence and ability to more forward. At this time, it is best to think about practical steps that will help manage your responsibilities such as how to organize your work space or finances in a more efficient way. This will also be a good time to focus on serving others or do charity work. It is important to avoid ruminating on failures, self-incrimination, self-absorption or fanciful speculation for the next month. Focus on the present and the practical and not on bad things that have happened or could happen.

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