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Full Moon in its own sign aspected by Mars

     Tomorrow there will be a full Moon in Cancer, which is the sign ruled by the Moon. The Moon represents the nonrational parts of the mind such as emotions and deeply imprinted patterns. This means this full Moon indicates deep and intense emotional states and impressions. As the Moon is in its own sign it should bring good results.

     However, Mars is aspecting the Moon from Sagittarius. Mars and the Moon are enemies and normally this aspect could cause harsh, traumatic, and angry emotional states and events. However, Mars is in good dignity and exchanging sign with Jupiter in Aries, while being aspected by Jupiter from Aries. This will have a harmonizing and beneficent effect on Mars.

     Venus has exited its gandanta or drowning point and is in Sagittarius with Mars. Mars and Venus represent opposite tendencies and values generally classified as male and female respectively, but are neutral towards each other. This could also balance the harshness of Mars, bringing out passion more than anger,

     Mercury is also in Sagittarius with Venus and Mars. Mars is an enemy to Mercury. This may indicate a frustration about not being able to communicate, express, or understand your emotions and what you truly desire. Ketu is in Virgo ruled by Mercury and this combination could activate Ketu and cause a profound sense of isolation.

     Mars is still aspecting Rahu in Pisces, which is ruled by Jupiter and therefore ties it into this dynamic between Mars and Jupiter. If there is to be an explosive event or if the intense emotion of this full Moon needs a place to vent it will be in Pisces with Rahu. The area of life this indicates depends upon which house Pisces occupies in your natal chart.

     To understand how these transits affect you an individual analysis is required. The interaction between your natal chart and the transits of the planets is always very individual and personal. Contact me for a reading at . 


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