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Full Moon in Libra

Venus has just left its own sign of Taurus and entered Gemini. As Mars is transiting Gemini and exchanging signs with Mercury, this ties Venus and the signs it rules, Taurus and Libra, into the exchange happing between Mercury and Mars. On Friday, the full Moon will occur in Libra, where Ketu is transiting. Rahu and Ketu are the eclipse points and are therefore connected and always 180 degrees apart. This full Moon will partially reactivate the energy of the eclipse that occurred two weeks ago.

However, Mercury has gone retrograde since the eclipse, which should give the opportunity to fix or reevaluate things that have gone wrong since the eclipse. Venus is weaker and in lower dignity now that it has moved into Gemini. Jupiter

is in good dignity opposite the coming full moon in Aries.

There are two dual signs involved in this full Moon, Libra and Gemini, as it is occurring in Libra, the ruler of Libra is in Gemini, and the ruler of Gemini is directly opposite the Moon in Aries. So, this full moon is a delicate balancing act between a number of opposing forces.

Things are likely to continue to break down or go wrong at a higher rate than normal, especially for those with planets in Aries or Gemini. However, these problems will also present positive opportunities to an equal decree. This full Moon presents us with creative destruction if we can maintain a reflective and emotional distance from the problems that arise. As the Sun is exalted and Jupiter is in good dignity, if we are able to remain calm and not take problems personally, the problems created by the eclipse are likely to work out well for us.

Ketu is an indication of finishing or experiencing the results of old karma. As Saturn is aspceting Aries it is involved in this full Moon and it is also a planet that delivers the result of karma. This Moon may feel bad, but it is important to not react to the negative things that manifest, because to do so at this time will be to recreate the same karma to some extent and make the situation worse. This also an especially good time for spiritual practices as Ketu is an indicator of liberation and the Moon symbolizes the mind.

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