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Full Moon in Sagittarius

The elliptic or zodiac and the galactic equator or plane of the Milky Way Galaxy can be thought of as two circles at angles to each other that intersect at two points. Those points in the zodiac are Ardra in Gemini and Mula in Sagittarius. Mula and Ardra are nakshatras or lunar houses. A lunar house is the distance that the Moon travels around the zodiac in a 24-hour period. The Zodiac is divided into 27 and ½ lunar houses.

Because of the intersection with the galactic plane, Mula and Ardra are considered to possess a lot of destructive energy. Ardra is associated with Shiva, the god of destruction, and Mula is associated with Kali, the goddess of destruction. Destruction can be good or bad. It could indicate the destruction of bad habits, an enemy, or the destructive power of an earth quake. While the full moon is not happening in Mula, it is happening in Sagittarius and will still contain some of this destructive energy, especially considering that Mars and Rahu are in Aries and a retrograde Saturn is aspecting Ketu from Capricorn. Also, the Sun will enter Cancer in 3 days and be opposite a retrograde Saturn.

Putting all of this together there will be a lot of destructive energy for the next month that will be difficult to control. You may have trouble controlling your temper, arguments will be more common and damaging to relationships, and violence will be more likely. As Mars is in his own house there is also the possibility to see through or destroy illusions and destroy patterns emotional, physical, or mental that are harmful to you. However, there is the danger that you could destroy healthy patterns and relationships. The most intense period of this energy will be around August 1st when Mars and Rahu are in exact conjunction.

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