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Full Moon in Taurus opposite Mars in Scorpio

This week we will see Mercury leave Scorpio and enter Sagittarius and a full Moon in Taurus, its sign of exaltation. The full Moon will be opposite Mars, which is in its own sign of Scorpio. Taurus is ruled by Venus and Venus is in its sign of debilitation, Virgo. This alignment gives a mixture of good and bad indications around relationships. The ruler of Taurus being in bad dignity would give bad results if the planet transiting it was not the Moon. As the Moon is exalted here the results will be mixed.

The full Moon being directly opposite Mars in Scorpio shows the potential for deep psychological insight and emotional release. This could lead to the end of a relationship, especially romantic ones. This could also indicate a deep insight into the problems in a relationship and result in a healing of it and the emotional satisfaction of those involved. However, if such healing occurs it will not be immediate. It will at least have to wait until Venus enters its own sign of Libra at the beginning of December.

Another indication of loss of relationship is that Venus will come into direct conjunction with Ketu this week. Ketu is a planet of loss and indicates the area that past karma will manifest in the chart. It can give good results, but more often than not it indicates the end of a karma, finishing with it and being free of it. This makes loss of relationship, rather than healing more likely. Tuesday is the day when this influence of Ketu will be at its strongest.

To understand how these transits affect you an individual analysis is required. The interaction between your natal chart and the transits of the planets is always very individual and personal. Contact me for a reading at .

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