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Guru Chandala Yoga in Aries

The current transits of planets in Aries are forming a Guru Chandala Yoga. This occurs when Jupiter and Rahu occupy the same sign. These planets represent opposing values and during this yoga these energies combine. Jupiter is considered a teacher and a priest. He represents wisdom, religion, morality, grace, good luck, and the law. Rahu is an Asura, a type of “demon” or chthonic deity. He represents illusion, sensual and material desires, obsessions, addictions, selfishness, and things which traps us. It is a yoga that is generally considered negative and corrupting, but it can sometimes give good results. How negative or positive the yoga is largely depends upon the dignity of Jupiter during the yoga and luckily Jupiter is currently in good dignity, but this does not mean it will be easy.

In the natal chart of the USA Aries is the 6th house, a house of enemies, litigation, and disease. The recent release of the Durham report can be seen as a manifestation of the energy of the Guru Chandala Yoga for the USA, as it reveals the corruption of the judicial system, law enforcement, and espionage agencies. The legal and judicial system are indicated by Jupiter and the espionage and corruption are indicated by Rahu. That the corruption exists is bad, but bringing it light and allowing the public to have knowledge of the corruption can be seen as a good thing. Many events like this, that is one event being both good and bad or cutting both ways, will occur during this yoga.

Mercury is also transiting Aries and it went direct one day before the release of this report. In the natal chart of the USA Mercury rules the 8th house of Gemini, a house of secrets and espionage. Mercury going direct triggered a very specific manifestation of the Guru Chandala Yoga. Corruption, which was hidden or secret, was revealed to the public.

This yoga will be shorter than many Gurus Chandala Yogas, as Rahu will exit Aries and enter Pisces at the end of October, thus ending the yoga.

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