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Joe Biden changing Dashas in September

Joe Biden and the United States share the rising sign of Scorpio. This is part of why he was elected president as during the election Ketu, a planet indicating the ripening of past karma, was transiting over Scorpio. Also, a retrograde Jupiter in Biden’s natal 9th house of Cancer was aspecting this transit and he was and still is in Jupiter Dasha. However, that is about to change.

Not only has Ketu exited Scorpio and entered Libra, but on September 22nd Biden will enter Saturn Dasha. On this day, Saturn will be retrograde in Bidens 3rd house of Capricorn. Saturn will be in this sign with Biden’s natal Ketu and be aspecting the transit of Ketu through Libra. Libra is Biden’s 12thhouse and his ruling planet, Mars, as well as Mercury are placed here in his natal chart. This will be the beginning of a major manifestation of past karma in his 12th house. It indicates a major loss and/or revelation of significant secrets. As this is just before the midterms elections in November it could have indications for his party. However, for him it indicates a loss of the ego, the mind, vitality, and possible indicates a sudden increase in the rate of his mental decline or even death.

Retrograde Saturn will also be aspecting a retrograde Jupiter in Biden’s fifth house of Pisces and the Moon in his 9th house of Cancer. Retrograde Jupiter will be aspecting the Moon in Cancer as well, putting a lot of retrograde energy onto his mind and sense of hope. There is also a strong link between Mars and Venus on this day involving his 1st, 6th, 7th, 10th, and 12th houses indicating losses involving the body, enemies, partnerships, health problems, power, and career. As the karmic energy is manifesting most strongly in the 3rd and 12th houses it points more towards personal loss, rather than victory or damage to others.

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