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Joe Binden's Health

In Joe Biden’s natal chart Scorpio is the first house. Ketu is currently in Scorpio, but it is about to change signs and enter Libra, which is the 12th house in Biden’s natal chart. In Biden’s chart Mars and Mercury are in Libra. Mars rules Biden’s 1st house of Scorpio as well as his 6th house of Aries. Rahu will switch from Taurus to Aries when Ketu moves to Libra. In Biden’s natal chart the Moon is in Aries.

This indicates poor health for Biden in the near future. The 12th house is the house of loss, Ketu is also an indicator of sudden loss, death, or disease and the 6th house is an indicator of health issues, disease, and enemies. Rahu is the head of the serpent, which swallows the Moon during an eclipse. If Biden’s natal chart and the current chart are placed on top of each other Ketu will shortly be in in Biden’s 12th house, Libra, with his natal Mars, the ruler of his 6th and 1st house, while his natal Moon will be swallowed by Rahu in his 6th house, Aries. The Moon rules Cancer, which is Biden’s 9thhouse, where Jupiter is placed in his natal chart. Both the 9th house and Jupiter represent luck and justice and Rahu and Ketu are karmic planets. It seems that Biden’s luck is about to run out and he will have to face the consequence of some karma that he has created.

On June 15th the ruler of Bidens 12th house, Venus, will be conjunct with Rahu and his natal Moon and a retrograde Saturn will be aspecting them all from Aquarius. He is most likely to have a health event close to this date, but he is at risk from April 15 to the end of October. Putting the indications together it is likely to be a stroke from a blood clot originating in his leg or a fall causing head trauma. This could either kill him or incapacitate him mentally.

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