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Jupiter and Mercury go direct

      Mercury and Jupiter are now both direct. After difficult six months in which every planet that could go retrograde did go retrograde, usually more than one planet at the same time, there are currently no retrograde planets in the sky. However, while Mercury went direct two days ago, it is now in its Gandanta or droning point.

      This “drowning of a planet” happens when a planet transits through the last three degrees of a water sign and the first three degrees of a fire sign. Mercury is currently at the end of the watery Scorpio and is about to enter the fire sign of Sagittarius. It will exit its drowning point in a week when it passes three degrees of Sagittarius. This “drowning” causes the influence of a planet and the signs it rules to temporarily disappear and offers a rare opportunity to reboot your relationship and karma with the planet.

      Significant positive change can happen during this period. Currently Ketu is in the Mercury ruled sign of Virgo, a sign indicating debts and health. Mercury is in Scorpio a sign indicating rebirth, secrets, and sexuality. Mercury is a planet of communication and trade and Ketu is a planet of karma. This could be a chance to get out of debt and improve your relationship with money. It could also be a time of improving your health, especially sexual health and fertility. It could also be a time to come clean about secrets, sexual trauma, or infidelity. It is a good time to go to therapy, improve your communication about such things, and heal yourself and important relationships.

      Jupiter is in Mars ruled Aries and Mars is in Jupiter ruled Sagittarius. This means that Mars and Jupiter are exchanging signs. This connects the influence and indication of these signs. This is a time of good luck and auspiciousness if you are a sidereal Aries, as this exchange connects your 1st and 9thhouses. The 1st house represents the self and the 9th house indicates luck and Jupiter is a planet of luck.

     To understand how these transits affect you an individual analysis is required. The interaction between your natal chart and the transits of the planets is always very individual and personal. Contact me for a reading at .


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