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Jupiter Dominates

The Sun and Mercury have moved into Pisces joining its ruler Jupiter. This gives Jupiter temporary dominance over the chart of the current sky. This is because Venus and Rahu are in Aries, which is ruled by Mars and Mars is in Gemini ruled by Mercury. Mercury is the ruler of Gemini and is in Jupiter ruled Pisces, so Jupiter has indirect rulership over Venus, Rahu, and Mars. As Ketu is in Libra, a sign ruled by Venus, it also falls under this indirect influence of Jupiter. Only Saturn is currently outside of this influence, placed in its own sign of Aquarius. However, Saturn is influencing Rahu and Venus with its aspect.

Mercury is not a friend of Jupiter and it is also combusted. It should therefore express its influence in polarization or quickly flipping back and forth between extreme opposites. It will deliver both good and bad results, but will feel like chaos and confusion. This tendency is increased by Mars, as it is placed in Gemini, a dual air sign ruled by Mercury.

This will most likely show up in communication, electric infrastructure, short distance travel, vehicles, relationship, and money; especially savings. Therefore, damage of the banking crisis has not yet been fully manifest. It is a time for solitary activities, personal growth, spiritual or religious practice, and creative or artistic pursuits. Jupiter and the Sun in Pisces will aid these types of pursuits. Be careful in activities involving others, especially if money or travel is involved. However, as Jupiter is dominate, the current difficulties need not be devastating if you let your higher principles guide you. Turn towards the spiritual, philosophical and artistic to ride out the storm.

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