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Jupiter goes direct in Pisces

Jupiter went direct in its own sign of Pisces a week ago. Jupiter is the second slowest moving planet and looks like a bright yellow star with the naked eye. In the Vedas he is referred to as Brihaspati and is the preceptor, teacher, or Guru of the devas or Gods and intercedes with them on behalf of humans. In Sanskrit Guru means teacher, but as an adjective it means heavy or weighty which is appropriate as Jupiter is the heaviest or the planet with the most mass of any in our solar system. He is associated with the energy of expansion and when placed in 1st house indicates a large and healthy body. Due to his large size and great knowledge, he is often associated with the elephant headed God Ganesh. He is the possessor of sacred wisdom, but more of the exoteric variety. He is often seen as the priest of the gods and knows the religious rituals, laws, and actions required to have a successful life and produce good karma. He also teaches the sciences of astrology and ayurveda. He does not however teach the more esoteric secrets of ending or transcending karma and being released from the wheel of birth and death.

Jupiter rules two signs in the zodiac, Sagittarius and Pisces. Sagittarius represents the legal and active side of Jupiter, it indicates judges, laws, and knowledge of higher principles and philosophy. Pisces where he is currently placed is his more passive and religious side. It indicates things like knowledge of religious ritual and astrology, but also the Jovian temperament of joy and generosity. The house where Pisces is placed in your natal chart will determine the quality of energy that will expand over the next year as Jupiter transits through it. For many it will be wise to put resources and energy into good works, charities, religious organizations, as well as developing your own wisdom and spiritual practice as these will be supported. Though Jupiter is the most helpful of planets, all planets can give negative out comes depending on placement. If placed in the 12thhouse, it can also indicate an increase in expenditures and loss of some wealth due to unavoidable circumstances, especially if negatively aspected.

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