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Jupiter Retrograde in Aquarius

Jupiter will go retrograde this week, when this happens, we will have three retrograde planets and Mars in its sign of Debilitation. The retrograde planets are Mercury, Saturn, and Jupiter. Jupiter is being aspected by Mars, which is in Cancer.

This means the Grace of Jupiter will appear in harsh forms. It may be harsh criticism, emotionally painful losses, or failure of some project you are pursuing. However, new opportunities will open up if you are able to see them and will more than make up for your losses in the long run.

You should also try to see the truth in the criticism you receive and adjust rather than defending your ego. The grace of Jupiter will be to remove behaviors, beliefs, and goals that no longer benefit you. This will be the case for the next three months. It will be difficult to see this as you are likely to be attached to the things that are being removed. Having faith and trying to see opportunity in losses will help.

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