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Jupiter's Grace

The dynamic created by the exchange of signs between Mars and Venus discussed last week will be transforming in a way that is complimentary and to the diplomacy and comprise it engenders, rather than shifting to a complex of contradictory factors over the next few weeks. On December 6 the Moon will be full in Taurus, its sign of exaltation. It will be joined in the Taurus by a retrograde Mars. Taurus is ruled by Venus and Venus will be in Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, and will be joined here by Mercury. The Sun will in Scorpio, a sign ruled by Mars, and opposite the Moon and a retrograde Mars. This combination means that these five planets are directly or indirectly in signs ruled by Jupiter and the Sun in Scorpio will also be aspected by Jupiter.

All this indicates that the energy of diplomacy and compromise will be transformed into an energy of grace, indicated by Jupiter’s influence over these placements. The positive influence of Jupiter will increase as it goes direct next week on the 23rd. If the next three weeks are spent reflecting on your actions, indicated by Mars, and apologizing for transgressions, then the possibility of forgiveness and grace is available between from December 6th to the middle of January. If done right broken relationships can be healed and mended during this period. The influence and grace indicated by these placements will peak during the full Moon on December 6th.

If there is to be diplomacy and some attempt to end the war in Ukraine it is mostly likely to happen during this full Moon or the two-week period following it. However, if the difficult work of hammering out compromises both sides can live with is not started within the next three weeks, the opportunity will be lost.

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