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Jupiter supports Venus and Mars from Aquarius

Now that Jupiter has moved out of its sign of debilitation and into Aquarius, it will support Venus, which is in Sagittarius a sign ruled by Jupiter. This will give a feeling of hope and a feeling of compassion for others. Jupiter is also aspecting Libra from the sign of Aquarius. Libra is ruled by Venus which is being supported by Jupiter in Sagittarius. This will take the edge off of Mars, which can be a harsh planet. It will inject a feeling of passion and adventure into your romantic and business relationships. However, Mars is also combust, so be careful not to go to extremes that may exhaust or damage your relationships.

The Sun, Mercury, and Ketu are in Scorpio, which is ruled by Mars. This could lead to arguments and secrets being revealed. These secrets are less likely to be damaging with Jupiter in its new position, but events in Scorpio are unavoidably intense and transformational. Expect this scenario to manifest on or soon after the solar eclipse on December 4th.

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