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Lunar Eclipse and Raja Yoga in Aries

We just had the solar eclipse in Libra. In two weeks, on November 8th, we will have the Lunar eclipse in Aries. However, there are two Raja Yogas for those with an Aries rising sign that make this eclipse especially powerful. A Raja yoga occurs when the ruler of an angle (houses 1,4,7, and 10) is in an angle or a trine (houses1, 5, and 9) with the ruler of a trine. It is known as the yoga of kings and gives influence and power in the house in which it occurs.

On November 8th, the Sun and Venus will be in Libra, which is the 7th house for Aries rising. Venus is the ruler of Libra and the Sun is the ruler of Leo, which is the 5th house for Aries rising. This forms a Raja yoga in the 7th house for Aries rising and is directly opposite the Lunar eclipse of in Aries. In Aries will be the Moon, ruler of the 4th house for Aries rising and Rahu. In circumstances where the ruler of the house would form a Raja yoga, if it where there, and one of the nodes is there instead, then the node acts as the ruler of the sign and produces a Raja yoga. In this case Rahu is acting like Mars and forming a Raja yoga in Aries.

Rising signs are determined by the time of day and your location on earth. At some point on November 8th Aries will be the rising sign everywhere, just not all at the same time. Actions taken during that period will be especially powerful. However, some caution is advised as both Aries and Rahu are very explosive and can often lead to outcomes like accidents, violence, or injury and eclipses, though quite powerful, are generally seen a negative omens.

November 8th is also election in the U.S.A., though the country’s Natal chart is Scorpio rising and not Aries, this will still be a very contested election as the lunar eclipse happens in the 6th house for a Scorpio rising chart and the 6th house is a house of enemies and lawsuits. Many elections will not be decided for days after the election day and polarization of the country will increase.

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