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Lunar eclipse in Taurus

There is not much change this week, but in six days the Sun will leave its sign of debilitation and enter the sign of Scorpio where it is in good dignity. However, it is joined here by Ketu and will be directly opposite the lunar eclipse in Taurus that will occur on the 19th.

Ketu and Rahu are the points in the zodiac where an eclipse will occur when the Sun is conjunct with one and the Moon is conjunct with the other. Ketu and Rahu are considered to be, along with Saturn, the main planets that deliver or manifest karma. This can be good or bad, but usually indicates a big shift. An eclipse also indicates a pattern that will be most intense for a month, but its effects can be felt up to six months following the event.

The Moon is in its sign of exaltation, but this sign is being aspected by a debilitated Jupiter. The planet Venus, which rules Taurus, is in also weak at the moment. Those who have planets In Scorpio and Taurus in their natal chart will feel this most intensely. This could indicate a great finical gain or loss, though it leans toward loss. This will most likely be through a death or inheritance. It could mean that you will not get what you expected or think you deserve in an inheritance.

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