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Lunar Eclipse On May 15th

On May 15 a lunar eclipse will occur in Libra. The rising sign of the Russian federation is Cancer and the Moon rules to sign. As it is the Libra is the 4th house of Russia, a lunar eclipse here could indicate a loss of territory or a loss of the war. Libra is Vladimir Putin’s first house. Libra is ruled by Venus and Venus is in its sign of exultation. This will counterbalance the negative effects of this eclipse. The Moon is the indicator of the incarnated soul, the emotions, and the psyche. This eclipse could indicate the death of Putin, as it occurs in his first house. However here again Venus in exaltation will save him especially as it is occurring in his 6th house of enemies, indicating his victory over them. This is also the 10th house of Ukraine and the 10th house indicates sovereignty and power so this could also indicate a loss of sovereignty for Ukraine, but an exalted Venus will help them as well.

Jupiter is in its own house of Pisces with the exalted Venus and from this position Jupiter aspects Cancer, the 1st house of Russia, which further counteracts the negative effects of an eclipse of the Moon in Libra for Russia. Pisces is the 8th house for Russia, a house of death, yet the grace of exalted Venus and its ruler, Jupiter, placed here seems to indicate it will survival. However, if Russia is to lose the war this will be the turning point and if it is to win the war this will be the turning point. There will be a major event that occurs around this eclipse. It could be the breakthrough on the front lines of eastern Ukraine and the victory of Russian forces there or it could be a major victory for Ukraine. It could also be a loss for the Russians that increases their determination and causes them to fight with less restraint.

This could occur because of the peculiar effects of Ketu. Ketu is said to be like Mars and one of its symbols is a victory banner. It symbolizes a detached and determined strength and single mindedness. While the solar eclipse is caused by Rahu, the lunar eclipse is caused by Ketu. Rahu is an explosive and material force, while Ketu is an implosive, inward turning, and spiritual force.

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