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Many conjunctions this week

Venus has gone direct, Mercury will go direct on Thursday, and both of these planets are no longer combust. Mercury has just crossed into Sagittarius, but it will only be there for a few days before reentering Capricorn. There are a lot of near conjunctions occurring. Venus and Mars are separated by five degrees, Saturn and the Sun by two degrees, and Jupiter and the Moon by one degree.

The conjunction of the Moon and Jupiter will have little affects as the Moon moves thirteen degrees a day, so this conjunction will only last a few hours. Venus and Mars likely indicate some kind of conflict, likely legal or political, and retrograde Mercury entering this sign could represent a miscommunication or misunderstanding that will intensify this conflict.

This could definitely indicate Russia as the natal chart for modern Russia, not the Soviet Union, has Rahu within five degrees of where Mars and Venus will meet. This indicates a sudden and explosive event. Perhaps a plane will be shot out of the sky due to a miscommunication or a violation of airspace. On a personal level be careful of what you say and be careful on short journeys like driving to work for the next week.

Saturn being close to the Sun will heat up conflicts at work, it will be at its worse on Friday and Saturday, and will pass in two weeks. However, this could also indicate the conflict between Russia and Ukraine heating up within the next two weeks as Russia’s Saturn is placed in Capricorn, which is the same sign in which this conjunction will happen. Saturn is a planet of boundaries and structures, such as countries and borders, and conflict around them is likely at this time.

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