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Mars and the Moon exchange signs during the full Moon

Venus has just moved into Cancer where it joins Mars. On June 4th there will be a full Moon in Scorpio where the Moon is debilitated. Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which means that Mars and the Moon will be exchanging signs on the night of the full Moon as well as the following day.

These are both water sign, which indicate deep emotions. A full Moon is a strong Moon and indicates intense emotions. Scorpio is more representative of repressed and secret emotions, which are often associated with trauma. Mars sharing Cancer with Venus makes the situation more volatile and brings relationships, passions, and addictions into the mix.

This is a time when painful secrets are more likely to be revealed especially those involving infidelity or addictions. You will also be more likely to be tempted to cheat on your partner or relapse into an addiction. It is a couple of days where accidents and crimes of passion are likely.

Saturn is aspecting the Moon from Aquarius and this may help contain and give structure to this stormy sea, though it could also make it feel like a pressure cooker about to explode. It is wise to avoid intoxicants and situations that may tempt you during this time. It may be best to spend a quiet night alone during this full moon. It you have a creative passion it could be a time of great inspiration.

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