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Mars and Venus enter Leo

Venus will leave Cancer and enter Leo in three days and Mars will do the same in seven. This means that Mars will no longer be debilitated and will be in a sign ruled by its friend the Sun. It also means that neither of these planets will be aspected by a Retrograde Saturn in Capricorn. However, it means that both planets will be aspected by a Retrograde Jupiter in Aquarius. T

This means hard work will begin to pay off and there will be less tension in relationships. You will begin to feel more vitality and energy. New beliefs and hopes will be forming as many have been reevaluating their values and direction in life. However, long term goals will not become clear until Jupiter goes direct in October 17. It you work hard and maintain the hope and belief that what you want is possible, Jupiter will begin to give you success by the end of October.

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