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Mars is Drowning

Venus and Mars have entered Leo. Mars was debilitated in Cancer, so moving into Leo is an improvement. However, for the next four days Mars will be in what is called a gandanta or drowning point. This happens in the last three degrees of water sign and the first three degree of a fire sign. It essentially means that the influence of the planet temporarily disappears from the chart.

For people who have a particularly malefic Mars in their natal chart this will be a good time, a respite in which life is a little easier. It will also affect any planets in the natal chart that are in signs ruled by Mars, Aries and Scorpio, as their influence will also temporarily disappear.

It also offers a potential rebirth for the energies of the planet in your life. If you are able to revaluate and make changes in how you relate to the things ruled to Mars, you will have good results. For example, you could choose to be more assertive and this is a good time to make such a change. You could also choose to let go of long held resentments and anger and free that energy to be used more productively.

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