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Mars and Venus enter the seventh house of Russia natal chart

This week Mars and Venus will leave Sagittarius and enter Capricorn. In Capricorn they will join Mercury and Saturn. If there is to be a war in Ukraine it will happen during the next five weeks. Most likely when Mars and Venus get to eleven or twelve degrees of Capricorn, as this is where Saturn is placed in the natal chart of Russia. Capricorn is in Russia’s seventh house. This sign belongs to Saturn, Mars is exalted here, and Venus is a friend to Saturn.

This means all these planets are strong and in good dignity. When planets are strong and are in good dignity they tend to exhibit their more positive qualities. This means Mars will be vital, strong, protective, and courageous rather than belligerent.

Russian troops entering Ukraine are most likely a show of strength, as Ukraine is the buffer between Russia and the states in N.A.T.O. It is unlikely the beginning of a war to conquer Ukraine. It is most likely posturing to say to Europe, America, and N.AT.O., don’t mess with us.

However, as Capricorn is the seventh house of Russia’s natal chart, which for nations indicates other nations that they are allied or in partnership with, so they may try to keep a small part of Ukraine as they withdraw or expand the regions of Ukraine that have declared independence. It may also signal a partnership with China, pointing out that America and its allies cannot manage Russia conquering Ukraine at the same time that China is conquering Taiwan. They are not prepared for a war on both fronts. Russia is saying we are ascendent and in this situation you have no chance of winning, it is a show of strength to inspire the Russian population and humiliate America and its allies.

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