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Mars aspecting Jupiter and the Moon from Scorpio

Mars is aspecting the Moon and Jupiter from Scorpio for the next two days, so be careful what you say in or to large group. You will have a tendency to reveal secrets and resentments you may not intend to reveal. Problems will seem bigger than they are for the next two days so you may want to reflect and speak less for this period of time.

Venus will be retrograde until the end of the month in Sagittarius and will be combust for another two weeks. The Sun will move into Capricorn in ten days and Mercury will go retrograde in this sign on the 14th . Mercury will also be combust at this time. Mars will join a retrograde Venus in Sagittarius on the 16th, Mars does well in this sign and Venus does not because it is not friends with its ruler Jupiter. This could lead to arguments with authority or father figures, it could also mean divorce depending on the planets in your natal chart. More positively, it could give you the motivation to sacrifice comfort to live up to an ideal, pursue higher learning, or travel the world.

Mercury being retrograde and combust will give a tendency for communication to be heated or misunderstood. Being in the sign of Capricorn with its ruler, Saturn, will make you reflect on what you want out of work and which of your commitments and responsibilities serve you and others. You may find yourself changing jobs or positions within a company by the middle of February

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