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Mars Debilitated in Cancer

Mars just moved from Gemini to Cancer ending the exchange of signs between Mars and the retrograde Mercury transiting Aries. Mars is debilitated in Cancer and is aspecting Saturn in Aquarius from Cancer. This makes circumstances worse in general, but there are a few things that mitigate this.

Jupiter has exited its “drowning” position, is in good dignity in Aries and will be for the next year. The Sun will be in exalted in Aries for the next five days and on May 14th Mercury will stop its retrograde motion and go direct.

As Mars rules Aries its debilitation will affect how the energies of the planets in Aries manifest. Actions will be frustrated, many obstacles will arise, and communication will be passive aggressive. Jupiter will help with these things especially if you are patient, gracious, forgiving, and generally give people the benefit of the doubt during this transit of Mars.

Many accidents are likely involving blood or bleeding of the chest, head, and lower leg. Rahu in Aries and a debilitated Mars aspecting Saturn, which is aspecting Aries, makes this is a time when heart attacks and strokes are more likely. Travel is also ill advised at this time, especially over or on water.

Jupiter generally give good results and it being in Aries, in good dignity, will help one survive any of these negative outcomes. However, Jupiter also expands or grows whatever it influences including problems. It often has the effect of making things worse, but helping you live through negativities and grow from them. Rahu also as an expansive nature, but in a destructive, explosive, and sudden way. The combination of Rahu and Jupiter in Aries will cause small faults or imperfections to suddenly expand or explode into large problems. Saturn in Aquarius may help contain this expansion or give it some limits. It also indicates this is a time for analysis and slow deliberate actions. It is not a good time to make big changes, sudden movements, impulsive action, or critical speech.

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