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Mars dominates the chart from Cancer

All of the planets except Saturn, Mars, and the Moon are in signs directly or indirectly ruled by Mars. Mars is in Cancer, ruled by the Moon, where it is debilitated. The Sun is in Taurus ruled by Venus and Venus is in Gemini ruled by Mercury and Mercury is in Aries ruled by Mars. This puts Mercury in a sign directly ruled by Mars, while the Sun and Venus are in signs indirectly ruled by Mars. Rahu and Jupiter are also in Aries ruled by Mars. Ketu is in Libra, ruled by Venus, putting it in a sign indirectly ruled by Mars as Venus is in a Mercury ruled sign, while Mercury is in Aries. Ketu is also being aspected by Mars from its position in Cancer. The Moon is in Cancer today and tomorrow. Saturn is in its own sign of Aquarius and is being aspected by Mars in Cancer.

The Moon is the fastest moving planet, changing signs every two and a half days. As Mars is in a sign ruled by the Moon, the types of things Mars brings forth in one’s life will fluctuate rapidly depending on the placement and dignity of the Moon. This inconsistency of the Moon is part of why Mars is debilitated in Cancer. This also affects all the other planets as the are currently in signs directly or indirectly being ruled by Mars or in the case of Saturn being aspected by Mars, as explained above.

This will make it difficult to gain traction with your actions or make progress in any area of live. Emotional stability is also going to be difficult to achieve due to the fluctuations of the Moon affecting all the other planets through Mars. As Mars is given to anger and violence it is important to be calm and patient during the transit of Mars through Cancer. All of this will be especially true for those with Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn as rising signs as Rahu, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, and Ketu will be in angles (houses 1,4,7, and 10) in these charts, giving extra power and importance to these planets all of which are under the influence of Mars. This is a period of chaos, where anything can and accidents are likely.

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