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Mars drowns in Pisces

      Mars has just entered the last three degrees of Pisces. Being a water sign, the last three degrees are Gandanta or a drowning point. Water signs are always followed by a fire sign, and the first three degrees of a fire sign are also part of this drowning point. The sign after Pisces is Aries, which is a sign Mars rules. When a planet transits a drowning point its influence is temporarily absent from the chart. During this period one can shift their relationship with the planet and the areas of life it indicates. As this is involves a transit from the last sign of the Zodiac to its first sign, and the first sign happens to be ruled by the planet transiting, it has the energy of a rebirth of Mars. This means vitality, passion, aggression, determination, and other areas of life Mars represents can return to your life in a new and vigorous way. This could also be a time where you are likely to achieve a victory in a battle you have been fighting for the last few years.

      Mercury is about to enter Taurus, where it will be joined by the Sun, Jupiter, and Venus. This many planets transiting a sign often feels overwhelming, especially when they are not all friends, as is currently the case. However, the ruler of Taurus, Venus, is in the sign and this will help stabilize and moderate these transits, but it will give mixed results in your life.

      Family and wealth will be complicated. This could be a month where you must spend money saved to a point that is stressful, but it is also likely to be a time where you find wealth or something of value that has been forgotten or hidden. Due to the aspect these planets cast on Scorpio, it is a time when family secrets are likely to be revealed, especially since Scorpio will be receiving an aspect from Mars when it enters Aries.

      To understand how these transits affect you an individual analysis is required. The interaction between your natal chart and the transits of the planets is always very individual and personal. Contact me for a reading at .


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