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Mars enters Aries

The first of a string of contentious decisions by the Supreme Court began as Mars was at the very end of Pisces. It has now entered its own sign of Aries where it normally gives good result, but it is joined by Rahu an unpredictable and often destructive force. In the natal chart of the USA, Aries is the 6th house of enemies, health procedures, and lawsuits. There will certainly continue to be many consequential and high-profile legal battles during this transit, but there is also likely to be violence. This is because Aries and Mars signify warfare and violence, but Aries in particular is the cardinal, masculine, fire sign of Mars. Aries is the spark that ignites the blaze, impulsive and volatile. Rahu is a planet of karma, associated with explosions, poisons, and outcast from society, such as criminals and violent revolutionaries. If there is to be violence it is likely to happen around August 1st as on this day Mars and Rahu will be in exact conjunction in Aries.

Adding to this will be retrograde Jupiter in Pisces and a retrograde Saturn in Capricorn. These two planets indicate a disruption in laws, boundaries, institutions, and structures of the nation. Jupiter is in the 5th house and this house indicates children, this obviously involves the controversy about abortion laws, but it need not be limited to this. Venus the indicator of the females, especially those who are not mothers, is in the 8th house of Gemini. This is a house of death and rebirth, revolutions, and assassinations. This is explosive house for the USA as there are four planets here in its natal chart. The next two month will be volatile, however as Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars are in their own houses it will pass and institutions and laws will not disintegrate.

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