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Mars in Gemini and potential violence

We have been in a period, over the last two months, that was high in the potential for political violence, but we have just entered a temporary respite. This is because Mars has finished its transit through the Rahu occupied Aries. This respite will last until the last week of October when Mars enters Gemini and goes retrograde. This will be a relatively short period of tension lasting until November 16th.

This period is of particular importance because Gemini is the 8th house of both the USA and Joe Biden and the USA has four planets in this sign in its natal chart. Mars is a planet that indicates weapons, violence, and anger and the eight house is a house of secrets, assassination, deaths, and rebirths. This danger is increased by the fact that Ketu, a planet of karma that can also indicate deaths and implosions, is in the 12th house, Libra, of both the USA and Biden. The 12th house is a house of loss and death and three planets join Ketu here including the ruling planet of Gemini, which is Mercury. Tragedy is most likely averted by the fact that the ruler of Libra, Venus, is also here. However, on the 11th of November this support of Venus Libra will end as it enters Scorpio. This will be a period of elevated risk for political violence and assassinations and will last until November 16th when Mars leaves Gemini and enter Taurus. After this, things will call down for at least three months.

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