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Mars moves into Aries

This week Mars will enter its own sign of Aries. When this happens four planets will be in their own signs. Saturn will be retrograde, but in its own sign of Aquarius. Jupiter will be in its own sign of Pisces. Venus will be in its own sign of Taurus. When planets are in their own signs, they tend to give positive results and so do other planets transiting these signs, as well as natal planet in these signs. This may give some reprieve from the generally intense and chaotic situations we have be experiencing lately. However, Mars will be in Aries with Rahu, which may bring unexpected violence or accidents. It may also lead to poisoning or overdoses of famous leader or pioneers. Mars will also be aspecting Cancer from Aries and Jupiter is already aspecting Cancer from Pisces. This is interesting because Jupiter is exalted in Cancer and Mars is debilitated in Cancer. Generally, in astrology such contradictory indications do not cancel each other out, but both are experienced, either simultaneously or in alternation. So, those with planets in Cancer will experience both the debilitated energies of Mars and the exalted energies of Jupiter. Their will likely be a feeling of uncontrollable anger alternating with feeling of peaceful and happiness or feelings of powerlessness alternating with feelings of expansion and stability.

So, those with natal planets in in Pisces, Aries, Taurus will feel these transits strongly and mostly positively. Those with natal planet in the signs ruled by Jupiter, Mars, or Venus will feel these effects positively and not as strongly. Those with natal planets in signs ruled by Saturn or in Cancer will feel these effects mostly negatively.

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