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Mars Retrograde in Gemini

Mars has just gone retrograde in Gemini and will still be retrograde and in Gemini on November 8th. This has great relevance for the U.S.A. as Gemini has four planets (the Sun, Jupiter, Mars, and Venus) in it in the country’s natal chart and it is the 8th house of the country’s natal chart making it an explosive part of the chart full of conflict and the potential for change. Also, the U.S.A.’s rising sign is Scorpio ruled by Mars, November 8th is election day, and the Lunar eclipse is happening on November 8th in Aries, a sign ruled by Mars. This indicated a shift in power, but no a smooth or comfortable one. The republicans will likely take the house and the senate, but there is likely to be a great deal of controversy about the election, as there was in 2020, and a large portion of the country will not see it as legitimate.

Mars is also aspecting Saturn, which went direct about ten days ago. Saturn is in Capricorn and is aspecting a retrograde Jupiter in Pisces. Jupiter aspects Cancer from this position. Cancer is the 9th house of the U.S.A. and both the 9th house and the Jupiter are indicators of the Judicial system and the law. Jupiter will go direct on the November 23rd and the Moon will be in its own house of Cancer and be aspected by the newly direct Jupiter on the at the end of the second week of December. In Cancer, the Moon will join the U.S.A.’s natal placement of Rahu and a retrograde Mercury. Putting all this together indicates that there is likely to be some very controversial judicial decisions either at the state level and related to the November elections or by the Supreme court between November 8th and December 15th.

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