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Mercury and the Sun exchange signs

The Sun has just entered Virgo, where it joins Mars. Mercury, the ruler of Virgo, is in Leo a sign ruled by the Sun. This means Mercury and the Sun are exchanging signs and these are special signs. Virgo is the sign in which Mercury is exalted and Leo is the only sign that the Sun rules.

Mars is aspectng Aries, a sign that it rules, where the Jupiter and Rahu are placed and Jupiter is aspecting Mercury, in Leo, from its position in Aries. This creates a strong connection between these three signs: Virgo, Leo, and Aries. These are the signs of the Maiden, the King, and the Warrior, respectively.

Jupiter is retrograde and with Rahu in Aries and Jupiter is aspecting Mercury. This indicates that a very surprising, strange, or unusual message will be sent or received by an authority figure, probably a male one. The fact that it is tied in with Virgo through exchanging signs with the Sun indicates that this message could be health related or about the details of a product or activity you are passionate about, such as a game, art, or romance, and possibly a child. This could be a time when a moment of insight comes and everything makes sense in relation to a problem or plan on which you have been working.

Most of the energy is focused on Mercury, some of it auspicious and some of it malefic. The exchanging of signs between the Sun and Mercury will balance out the harsh edges, but there will be good and bad outcomes from this alignment. For example, you may get some good news, but also have something go missing or something may be stolen from you.

To understand how these transits affect you an individual analysis is required. The interaction between your natal chart and the transits of the planets is always very individual and personal. Contact me for a reading at .

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