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Mercury goes direct and Mars enters Pisces

     Mars has just entered Pisces and Venus will leave its sign of exaltation and enter Aries tomorrow. Venus will join Jupiter and an exalted Sun in Aries. Aries is ruled by Mars and Pisces is ruled by Jupiter, which means that Jupiter and Mars are exchanging signs closely linking and intertwining these two signs for the period of this transit.

     Mars in Pisces can spark ambition and help one achieve their goals. However, Rahu is also transiting Pisces and this combination can increase aggression and desire. It is likely that one will be misled by illusion or deception, at least temporarily. One is likely to be more sensitive to criticism and quick to anger However, as Jupiter rules this sign, and is exchanging with Mars there is the possibility deep intuition and penetrating insight, especially in creative, esoteric, or occult pursuits. There is a flavor of the magician or occultist, the con man, and the artist to this transit.

     Mercury is also transiting Pisces and it has just ended its retrograde and gone direct. Obstacles to communication and travel should be lifted. Troubles with computer and phones should be more easily fixed. However, there is now a tendency to be hostile or deceptive in communication, and it is likely one can achieve their desires in this way, but as Rahu is present you will be creating some powerful karma.


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