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Mercury goes retrograde and reenters Virgo

Mercury has gone retrograde and in its retrograde motion, it will return to Virgo in two days. Mercury rules Virgo and is exalted here. It will be in this sign for about five weeks. This will be a good time to reflect on routines, habits, and communications. It is a time to perfect or improve these things

Jupiter and Saturn will both be direct in a month. These two slow moving planets give the long-term structure and vision to achieve great things. However, structure manifests out of a number of interlocking habits. Vison rarely manifest without clear communication. These things of Mercury feed into and maintain the long-term projects and hopes indicated by Jupiter and Saturn.

However, during this retrograde motion of Mercury there is the danger of becoming resentful. This is because Mars and the Sun are also in Virgo. Both these planets can bring out anger and are not friendly to Mercury. Getting too close to the Sun for any planet can bring out its worst qualities. In the reflection caused by this retrograde Mercury, there is a good possibility that you get fixated on how you were wronged and become bitter and resentful.

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