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Mercury goes retrograde starting a storm of retrograde planets

We are in the middle of a major cycle of retrograde planets, which began with Saturn going retrograde in mid-June. Today, Mercury went retrograde in Leo where it will soon also be combust, as it heads towards the Sun now positioned at the beginning of Leo. Venus is also currently retrograde in Cancer and will go direct on September 4st. However, on the same day Venus goes direct, Jupiter will go retrograde in Aries. Mercury will go direct on September 15th and six weeks later Mars will go retrograde on October 30th. Starting December 13th Mercury will go retrograde yet again and go direct on January 2nd. From now until the end of the year we will have two to three retrograde planets in the sky at all times and all the planets that can go retrograde will have gone retrograde.

This will create difficulties in the lives of most people. Nearly every area of life will seem to stop functioning or be falling apart all at once or in quick succession. At the moment it will be mainly in areas of communication, travel, relationships, work, large institutions, and health. As Jupiter start its retrograde, on September 4th, many will begin to feel an acute loss of hope, meaning, and purpose. This is a time when people will be tempted to turn away from God, religion, or if secular their faith in humanity, the future, or what every they value highest. However, by September 15th Mars, Venus, and Mercury will be direct, giving some opportunity for positive communication and to rebuild relationships that have be strained.

Mars will allow exercise and the practice of physical skills such as martial arts or dance to be of support in by creating some structure, stress relief, and helping maintain health in difficult times. However, Mars will go retrograde on October 30th and on the same day Ketu will move into Virgo and Rahu will move into Pisces. Ketu and Rahu always are in retrograde motion and change signs every eighteen months. This change of signs indicates a significant change in what will manifest in one’s life, as the nodes are a major indicator of how past karma will manifest. However, to determine this it is important to know what houses Virgo and Pisces occupy in your natal chart along with other natal placements.

To understand how these transits affect you an individual analysis is required. The interaction between your natal chart and the transits of the planets is always very individual and personal. Contact me for a reading at .

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