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Mercury leaves its sign of exaltation

Mercury has just left its sign of exaltation and entered Libra where it joins Venus, the ruler of Libra. While Mercury is in lower dignity here, the fact that it is joined by the ruler of the sign will give good results. This is especially true for interpersonal relationships.

However, the Sun and Mars are in Virgo, where they are in average dignity. They are also directly opposite and therefore aspecting the Moon in Pisces. Pisces is ruled by Jupiter and Jupiter is retrograde in Capricorn. In the next few days, the Moon will move through Aries where it is in poor dignity and is also aspected by the ruler of Aries, which is Mars, from Virgo. This indicates emotional turmoil for the next 3 days. However, it will be temporary and work out for the best. There may be interpersonal conflict, depression, and anger. However, if you are patient and refrain from saying anything too harsh during this period, it will quickly resolve.

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