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New Eclipse Cycle

This week starts a new eclipse cycle and sees Saturn go direct in Capricorn. On Tuesday the 25ththere will be a solar eclipse in Libra where Venus, the Sun, and Ketu are currently placed. The Sun is debilitated in this sign and an eclipse here will create an identity crisis or major life changing event for those will Libra Suns or a Libra rising sign. However, the fact that it is joined by Venus, the ruler of Libra should prevent it from being a catastrophic experience. On the 23rd Saturn will go direct and Saturn is aspecting Libra from its own sign of Capricorn. This should also help stabilize and give structure to the effects of the eclipse.

Two weeks after the solar eclipse, on November 8th, there will be a lunar eclipse in Aries. This will create emotional turmoil and possibly rage or an event that is emotionally intense and possibly traumatic for those with a Moon in Aries or an Aries rising sign. Saturn is not aspecting this sign so this eclipse will produce more unstable and explosive results than the solar eclipse. Those with planets in Aries will have to be careful not to let their emotions, especially anger, get out of control. Mars, the ruler of Aries is not in its own sign, but is in Gemini a sign ruled by Mercury. Luckily Mercury is in its sign of exaltation, Virgo, so it will help you through this difficult time. Its position also indicates that rational thought, attention to detail, clear communication, and healthy routines, especially health routines will be important to get through this period unscathed.

The effects of an eclipse are felt most strongly for the first thirty days after it occurs. However, they set up a pattern until the next eclipse cycle, so their effects can be felt to some degree for six months. As eclipses involve the nodes Rahu and Ketu, which are indicator of manifesting karma, the areas of life represented by the houses that Aries and Libra occupy in your chart are where karma will become manifest in your life over the next six months. Having planet in these signs in your natal chart will make an eclipse manifest more specifically and with more intensity.

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