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New Trump indictments during full Moon in Capricorn

The new indictment of Trump was announced during the full Moon in Capricorn, his 6th house of enemies and legal troubles. Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, is retrograde in Aquarius and aspecting his 4th house, where his natal Ketu and Moon are placed. This indicates isolation and loss of home and could indicate imprisonment.

This also occurred right after a retrograde Venus, opposite retrograde Saturn, entered its Gandanta or “drowning” point in his 1st house of Leo. This means the influence of Venus will disappear from his chart temporarily. Venus rules his 10th house of power, authority, and career as well as his 3rd house of ego and individual accomplishment. His 10th house is Taurus, are where his natal Rahu and Sun are placed and his 3rd house is Libra where he has no natal planets. This indicates a temporary loss of authority and power. This “drowning” effect on Venus will end when it goes direct and passes again, this time in a forward or direct motion, through his drowning point and passes the 3rd degree of Leo. Venus will pass this point in the first week of October. Since this problem manifested when Venus entered his “drowning” point, it indicates there will be some type of resolution, for good or for ill, when Venus exits his drowning point in the first week of October.

Mercury recently exited its “drowning” point in Leo. Mercury, in his natal chart, is both placed in and rules his 11th house of Gemini. The 11th house is a house of fame and public image, but Gemini is also the 8th house of the USA. The 8th house is a house of scandal, indicating that Trump has somewhat of a permanently scandalous image in the USA. Mercury also rules Virgo, his 2nd house of speech, where his natal retrograde Jupiter is placed. This indicates his crude and unconventional speech adds to the infamy signified by his 11th house. The fact that Mercury just left its “drowning” position, in his 1st house of Leo, means that these qualities of his will suddenly appear exaggerated and more prominent. This dynamic is also increased because he is in Jupiter Dasha.

In his favor, the transits of Jupiter and Mars are in good dignity in his 9th and 1st houses respectively. Jupiter and the 9th house both signify luck and the legal system and Jupiter is aspecting the transit of Mars and his natal Mars in his 1st house of Leo. This Mars indicates his strength and ability to fight these legal battles and Jupiter will give him some luck in the process, but he has an uphill battle ahead of him.

To understand how these transits affect you an individual analysis is required. The interaction between your natal chart and the transits of the planets is always very individual and personal. Contact me for a reading at .

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